Ian B Richardson - High Quality Traditionally Built Wooden Boats

Ian Richardson has worked in boatbuilding for virtually all of his working life starting with a 4 year apprenticeship with the James Anderson Boatyard in Stromness. Prior to starting his own business Ian worked at:- James MacGiver – Yachtbuilders and Clynder Lloyds Register of Shipping Yacht dept in Southampton. Since starting his own yard in 1975, Ian has built up a mass of experience in the design and construction of boats of all sizes from traditionally built wooden dinghies to fishing boats and yachts. The company can handle builds up to 40 feet in length in Carvel or Clinker construction.

In addition the company has been involved in many projects fitting out boats of more modern construction e.g. steel and GRP built fishing boats. The company has also gained a broad experience of repair work on boats of all types. Over the years Ian has crafted leisure boats to many customers’ requirements including celebrities like Andrew Lloyd Webber. He has also produced many working boats – a good example is a pair of work boats for the Commissioners of Irish Lights (copper rivetted, clinker built boats are considered superior to GRP hulls in the demanding conditions faced by these lighthouse tenders). Other more unusual commissions include a Viking Long Boat for a film company.

In recent times Ian has become a specialist in the construction of the double-ended, clinker built sailing boat known as the Orkney Yole. This type almost died out altogether until a group of enthusiasts formed the Orkney Yole Association. Ian has now built several examples of this delightful and lively traditional sailing boat and actively supports the Association. Thanks to these efforts the waters around Stromness are often graced by the distinctive shapes of these pretty little sailing craft in the long northern summer evenings.
Ian B Richardson Boatbuilder,
Cairston Rd, Stromness, Orkney, Scotland
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A Member of the Wooden Boatbuilders Trade Association